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How YOU can Help the Homeless of Calgary.

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Buy or Rent the "Street Advocate" DVD: All profits will go towards serving the needs of homeless people in Calgary.

Come rain or shine. Come toe numbing cold. Street Church can be seen four times a week on the streets of Calgary.

Without firsthand knowledge of 'the homeless', it could be easy to label them as lazy or just drunks who would rather take handouts than get a job. However the reality is often very different.

Alcoholism and drug use is often the result of terrible psychological traumas of which child molestation, abandonment, physical and mental abuse are common roots. The need to escape the pain through alcohol and drugs is what leads many to self destructive behaviors.

There are many stories of people being helped and saved from life on the streets.

Early in the life of Street Church, founder Artur Pawlowski realized; "how can we stand before a homeless person with words of hope, if they are starving for the basics of life?" For this reason Street Church is a ministry that feeds thousands of meals to homeless people, and through this act, they gain the opportunity to minister words of hope to those who are ready for change. Many have reported life changing experiences, which makes the mission very worthwhile.

You can help.

Volunteering: Street Church set up tables in our permitted location (permits issued by city parks) opposite City Hall Calgary four times a week. From simple food serving, to just being there to talk with those in need, you can make a difference. email art@streetchurch.ca for times





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